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Ep15: Be the hero
Podcast 2019

00:00 / 1 hr 28 mins

All of these experiences are my own, and they have molded me, like your life has have molded you. This is my life, and I am trying my damndest to be the hero I needed around when things were at their worst. I can’t go back in time, correct anyones mistakes, I can only move forward, and become that hero for myself, and show that if I can do it for myself. You can do it for yourself.

Every now and then you find a reason to give up. It could be failure, or circumstance. Depression or anxiety, fear or any other reasons in the slew of reasons life can give you. But we all know that hero, that one person, who no matter how easy it is to just quit. Doesn’t. In the end, you need to be that hero for yourself.

Now forgive me, in this episode, I just talk about myself. My life, and my experiences with the things that have made me want to quit at one point or another. The things that still weigh heavy on my mind even today. This episode honestly doesn’t really come to a cathartic close. I say the word hero a whole bunch. But I do not want anyones pity. My life hasn’t ended, and I have more to do now than ever. I am grateful for that. But only from the bad, can we finally be mindful and recognize the good.

I have always been a better writer than a speaker.

For whoever wants to skip this episode, by all means. I will be back with another one next week.

For those who don’t skip it, and listen to it: It does get better. I still struggle, I still fail, I still want to sit and be a sad sack. But I have to at one point or another, whip my own butt back into shape. We all have the ability to be the hero.

I love all of my parents. My Grandparents. My family. My friends. My team. Most importantly you guys taking the time to be your own heroes.

Send me your gripes, I love to give advice.

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