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Ep11: Zeus, Atlas and Big Shoulder Workouts
Podcast 2019

00:00 / 30 mins 20 secs

Every now and then, whatever circumstances you may be experiencing will become overwhelming. Whatever way you choose to respond to that, is your choice, but there are only two. Crumble in the face of adversity, or ask for more. Which one are you? Which one was the Greek titan Atlas?

Back in the day, the Titans roamed the golden age of the universe, freely, and looking damn cool while they did it. Until one whiny little boy named Zeus, and his brothers decided that enough was enough and decided to end the golden age. Lightning boy decided that because he was boss hoss, that he could give jobs to the retired Titans, and gave old man Atlas the responsibility of holding up the heavens and the earth.

Well little lightning bug must have irked Atlas more than normal one day, and he decided to chirp back. That’s what we talk about today.

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