The 1,000 Ways to Say the Same Thing Podcast; 1,000 ways for short, is a podcast about the many concepts, ideas, words, and experiences out there that help keep heads on straight.

Hosted by USAW 109+ Olympic weightlifter, a community college dropout, aspiring “aspiree” Cesar A. Flores, on his journey to become a better athlete, leader, and overall man, shares his collection of information.

Growing up I played baseball, and football. That’s where I was first exposed to the Clean and Jerk, and Snatch! Of course, I had big dreams to take those sports to the next level, I even had thoughts of becoming the next, Mr. Bo Jackson. Unfortunately, life sometimes has a funny way showing you that you are meant to be great at other things.

I made the decision to become an Olympic Weightlifter, and since then my life has changed dramatically. I have met amazing people. I’ve been on great teams, and I’ve been coached by some great individuals. I’ve also met other athletes who have the same dreams that I have, and the saying: “Surround yourself with others who are like minded.” is 100% TRUE.

I have experienced things, and accomplished things I would have never thought I could achieve, because of my decisions, and the support system that I have. Everyone should experience that.

My goal for this podcast is to not only reach out to people who may be interested in being a part of the Olympic Weightlifting World, but people who need a little inspiration, a little hope, a little more drive, or a teammate that will be supportive.

From the biggest experiences on a national stage, to the small cues from coaches, friends and mentors alike, there are plenty of ways to say the same thing. Serious in nature, comedic at heart we will discuss all of it.

So let’s start with 1,000.


Cesar A. Flores

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